What we do

We perform technical and commercial evaluations of drug candidates, advise on clinical development strategies & portfolio priorities, provide full BD support services and help to secure investment for biotechs and university spin-outs.

We have a solid track-record of deal making for local, regional, multi-regional and global geographies as well as in securing investment for early-stage discovery & development companies.

We can provide dedicated legal services 

As a product moves through development, Atebion BDS can help to answer the following critical questions;

  • What investment decisions are required by development stage?
  • When do I need broad evaluation vs detailed forecasts?
  • What is the minimum Target Product Profile that will be necessary at expected time of launch?
  • Where are the main areas of risk?
  • Which Regions of the world represent the major opportunities for a product?
  • What are the key barriers for success?
  • What are the price & reimbursement factors for each region?
  • What is the most likely competitive landscape at time of launch, including generic competition?
  • What level of sales & marketing will be required to make the product successful?
  • What key terms are required for licensing, given the most likely sales?
  • What is the optimal deal-type for the opportunity?

We have worked with Ian at Modern Biosciences now for over four years. We have used him on shorter, one-off projects as well as more involved, longer-term work, and he has proven excellent on both. He seems to be able to do everything from pulling together market and deal data out of thin air to populate a single slide in a marketing presentation at a minute’s notice to planning and running an entire out-licensing effort. And his track record is one of success. He is easy to work with, understands the pressure a CEO is under and always delivers according to the agreed timelines. He also has a grasp of every area in the therapeutic space, from niche Orphan diseases to the larger chronic markets (RA etc.). He will always be our first-choice independent BD consultant.

Dr Sam Williams; CEO Modern Biosciences & Head of BioTech at IP Group