Portfolio prioritisation decision making

Routinely reviewing a portfolio is core to any Pharmaceutical business and formal review processes should be established to assess strategic and operational objectives for the coming years

Development candidates, (both early and late-stage) are monitored for progress against fixed benchmarks and/or time periods and significant changes to target plans assessed, (including financial implications, resource requirements, risk of delivery assessments and impact on time lines). Typically, formal reviews are required at least annually, although key changes to plans for major projects are routinely tracked and flagged throughout the year and informal assessments are undertaken regularly.

Strategic objectives of such a review are commonly based on a 5yr view and include;

  1. To determine the balance between Early and Late Portfolio, NCE vs LCM, type of LCM
  2. To review the impact of the introduction of Early Project prioritisation
    and in-licensing opportunities to the portfolio
  3. To assess forward R&D capacity including potential flexibility for externalisation

Operational portfolio management objectives are based on a short-term view (current year (CY) and following year (CY+1) and include;

  1. Provide a preliminary assessment of the ability to deliver the pipeline vs R&D Budget demands
  2. To agree actions arising from changes in progress of key projects (vs previous year)
  3. To agree actions necessary to resolve any ‘Forward Looking’ comments/issues
  4. To agree practical solutions to general portfolio issues

A formal portfolio review process can be long and wieldy - coordination of simple, consistent, efficient processes, with straightforward templates and project valuation tools, can help enormously.

Dr. Evetts was hired to provide TTP evaluation and business development support for one of our promising new drug discovery technologies. Right from the word go, Dr. Evetts grasped our technology vision, understood our needs and built a business strategy to fulfill our specific requirements. Dr. Evetts had a firm grasp of our target market and was also highly skilled at recognizing issues that required addressing to increase our value proposition. Typically, Dr. Evetts tackles this by presenting a number of well thought-out options with pros and cons to aid the decision maker in making choices and in understanding and communicating the implications of that choice.

Technical Innovator, Diagnostics Spin Out, Ireland