PermaCarb: Engineered Sialic Acid substitution technology for biotherapeutics

  • Technology Overview: Engineered sialic acid substitution for optimal glycosylated biotherapeutics; a highly stable sialic acid derivative is conjugated to a glycan of choice during downstream processing in a scalable, compliant fashion
  • Primary Application: Biotherapeutic development & production, especially Biosimilars
    1. Early sialylation correction for removing heterogeneity & test functionality
    2. Removing issues of Neu5Gc contamination
    3. In drug development & manufacture for removal of heterogeneity and increasing potency
  • Core Differentiators:
    1. Novel chemistry-based approach to sialylation correction rather than trying to control the manufacturing process
    2. PermaCarb is highly stable to enzyme attack
    3. Incorporation of PermaCarb can lead to biotherapeutics that can be administered at lower doses or reduced frequency, whilst ensuring a similar characterisation & efficacy profile as originator drug
  • Development Stage: PreClinical
  • Opportunity: Available for License