Novel, small molecule FX11a inhibitors

  • Product Overview: First in class molecules for effective anti-coagulation with minimal associated risk of bleeding
  • Primary Indication(s): Prevention of VTE in susceptible patients, (for example patients undergoing orthopaedic surgery, medically ill patients, those with non-valvular atrial fibrillation, patients with acute symptomatic DVT or PE
  • Secondary Indications: SPAF, Secondary prevention of cardiac events associated with ACS, Treatment of DVT & PE and prevention of recurrent DVT & PE in adults; Prevention of stroke
  • Core differentiators:
    1. First and only FXIIa inhibitors in development
    2. Highly effective anti-coagulation with minimal bleeding risk
    3. Wide therapeutic window
    4. Reduced monitoring requirement
    5. Availability of an antidote
  • Development Stage: Lead Optimisation
  • Company/ Institution: University of Leeds; (
  • Opportunity: Available for license and sponsored research