Novel small molecule translation inhibitor series for Pt-resistant cancers

  • Product Overview: Novel translation inhibitors (a disruptive technology) sourced from an edible crop plant
  • Indications: Difficult to treat tumours – ie for patients who have become resistant to, or have relapsed following treatment with, standard therapies.

Primary applications are ovarian cancer, head & neck cancer, lung cancer, glioblastoma, renal cell carcinoma

  • Secondary indications: Aggressive, high-grade tumours in cats and dogs
  • Core differentiators:
    1. Reverses chemotherapy drug resistance to enable renewed activity of previously inactive regimens
    2. Derivative of a natural molecule first identified in an edible crop species; defined
    3. Novel mechanism of action with inherently low toxicity
  • Development stage: PreClinical
  • Company/ Institution: AG Biosolutions Ltd/ University of Nottingham
  • Opportunity: Available for licensing, sponsored research and investment